Women's Housing & Mentoring


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Why We Exist...

ABSOLUTE Ministries was founded to provide faith-based, positive housing to men and women that have completed a drug or alcohol inpatient rehab program and want to live for Jesus Christ. They will make a commitment to lead a substance free life, in an atmosphere that focuses on accountability, integrity, character, transparency, and responsibility.


What to Expect

  1. Personalized curriculum to address specific individual areas of emotional & spiritual growth.
  2. Family atmosphere to foster many lasting friendships in Christ.
  3. Accountability through the genuine support of others who can relate, encourage, and challenge you.
  4. Life skills training.
  5. Adherence to house rules.
  6. Positive group activities and outings.
  7. Connecting with a local church. We encourage men and women to find their niche/passion by getting involved and volunteering locally.


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