Why Choose ABSOLUTE Housing?

ABSOLUTE Removes Unneccesary Distractions

I think the apostle Paul said it best in 1 Corinthians 10:23, "...I am allowed to do anything, but not everything is beneficial." At ABSOLUTE we provide a limited structure that is not overbearing but at the same time limits individuals to what is best for them at the stage of life they find themselves in. Dating, pursuing marriage, careers that require extensive travel, pets, home building, etc (to name a brief few) are great things. But probably not at this time in your life. Focusing on what is right in front of you is the MOST important. We help point out the potential pitfalls so that you can continue progressing.

Some Other Options Are Very Limited in What is Provided

Good and Band ChoicesTypical post treatment options include mom or dads house, a clean and sober house, a friends couch, a friends room, a relatives house, back to where you came from before treatment and so on... These approaches are all "okay" just by themselves. But in light of your circumstances and recent investment of finances & time in treatment it would be wise to make a decision that provides you with the highest potential for the best possible outcome rather than hoping for a good outcome with no formulated or educated plan in place. "Clean and sober housing" is not what's needed. Clean and sober is a good place to start, but it's not a destination. It is only a starting point or a launch pad. How about actually living while growing up into full maturity? LIVING A FULL AND EXCITING, JOY FILLED, PURPOSEFUL LIFE IS THE GOAL. Don't settle for "clean and sober". ABSOLUTE is much much more than "clean & sober". We facilitate the process of REAL LIFE!

ABSOLUTE Housing is Real Life

A lot of people that have recently completed a program are not very excited about going into another program. Rest assured ABSOLUTE is not anything like what you just completed (inpatient). There is nothing going on at ABSOLUTE that should not be going on in the life of someone who wants to pursue Jesus. Members have gainful employment and control of their money. Members can have vehicles, cell phones, and computers. Members have an individual mentor and pastoral figure regularly pouring into their life.  We have created an atmosphere that allows you to grow, expand and mature all the while being safe and held accountable in the areas that you need specific help.

ABSOLUTE is an Investment 

Whatever treatment it was that you or your loved one just completed, it was probably pretty expensive. Protect your recent investment of time, money and emotions with another smart investment. Don't make a poor choice and have to do it all over again. Some other housing options are couched with the feeling of a "just getting by" mentality. If "just getting by" is your goal ABSOLUTE will probably not be the right place for you. ABSOLUTE is designed to be comprehensive and that guarantees success when done correctly.

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