Starting an ABSOLUTE Community


We've been working hard at developing and refining our niche program specifically since 2009, along with full time work in inpatient addiction services since 2004.

It is our goal that you would be able to "stand on our shoulders" and glean the benefit of many years of experience, work and effort so that you can hit the ground running and not spend valuable time reinventing the wheel of a proven model for transitional housing.


"Getting the building and furniture is the easy part.

But that's not enough.

The key is finding how to successfully motivate and encourage people into sustainablity that have been long addicted and downtrodden, while in an environment where they have freedom.

This is what we have captured and proven.

It is working."

- Cameron Birk

ABSOLUTE Ministries Founder   



-Our Goal Is Your Success-

Included for your use with the standard ABSOLUTE Package:

  1. An articulation agreement in cooperation with ABSOLUTE Ministries Corporate

  2. ABSOLUTE By-laws and Board Policy Manual

  3. ABSOLUTE Employee Manual

  4. ABSOLUTE Best Practices Manual 

    1. The Philosophy of Ministry: The How, The What and The Why in Any Given Situation

    2. The Procedures: The Action Steps

    3. Facilities: How to Setup the Site

  5. ABSOLUTE Member Agreements and Guidelines

  6. "ABSOLUTE Ministries Member Wookbook, Seasons For Sustainable Recovery After Rehab"

  7. ABSOLUTE Mentor Online Orientation and Training 

  8. Online access and training for donation processing, tuition processing, Member accounts etc. 

  9. An accredited listing on the corporate website along with your locations details 

  10. Ongoing updates, training, curriculum, use of ABSOLUTE media, logo use etc.  




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