We’ve got many different ways you can do something fun and meaningful to help end the cycle of addiction in our community! 


1. Mentor 

Each Member in the ABSOLUTE program is paired with a Mentor, also referred to as an intentional friend, from the local church. The goal is for our Members to be grafted into the local church through their Mentor relationship. The link provides all the details, the one-hour training, and the certificate. 

Click to go through the Mentor training. The password is "livefree".


2. Plan Events

ABSOLUTE Ministries seeks volunteers to join our annual banquet volunteer committee. The annual banquet happens each year at the end of May, and the volunteer committee starts meeting in early March to help prepare. We have opportunities to help with decorations and floral arrangements, social media and marketing, food and drinks, and many other areas of event coordination. 


3. Give Members Rides to Work

ABSOLUTE always needs people willing to help give our Members rides to work in the local areas around our campuses. This is a great opportunity for someone who may not be able to commit to mentoring a member but would still love to speak into our Member’s lives during their ride. 


4. Speak at Chapel

ABSOLUTE Members attend weekly chapels on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM and love to hear from guest speakers! Speakers are invited to share with our Members about God’s love, His word, and their personal faith journeys. 


5. Teach Curriculum 

ABSOLUTE Members attend weekly classes to learn about a variety of life skills topics such as finances, providing for a family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are passionate about a topic and would like to share it with the ABSOLUTE community, this is the perfect opportunity for you! 


To Apply for Areas 2-5 Click Below

Do you have other gifts and talents that you would like to share with ABSOLUTE or do you have questions about volunteering? Please email info@absoluteministries.org