We are your next step after completing a residential recovery program. 

  • Safe and Stable Housing

    • This is not a flop house. You can expect a clean, stable, and safe environment. You can rest assured that everyone in ABSOLUTE genuinely wants to be here and is invested in a new sustainable way of living. Our focus is your sustainability, which happens when standards are upheld, and people are valued. This is what we do. We do it with intentionality, and we do it well. 
  • Job Placement

    • We help with every facet of being gainfully employed. Being employed might be territory you haven't had the best luck in, but that's okay. We start with you wherever you may be in the process. We have employment partners who will hire you because you are enrolled in ABSOLUTE. We also help you discover or refine your abilities so that you can enjoy what you do. We want to help you thrive in all areas, work included! If you have an idea for employment that you prefer, that is okay too. 
  • Transportation

    • ABSOLUTE owns, fuels, insures, and maintains a fleet of vehicles to get you where you need to go. You can use our cars if you have a license and are in good standing. If you don't have a license, the ABSOLUTE staff will provide transportation for your needs or requirements. Examples include church, work, recovery meetings, child visits, legal appointments, small-group, grocery shopping, etc. 

  • Financial/Framework Guidance

    • Managing finances is no easy task. But with some intentional assistance, you will thrive. We are here for you. You'll be surprised at how well you can do with some coaching and by utilizing our structure. We have a proven system and path forward that lays it out step by step. Nearly everyone we help says the same thing, "I can't believe this. I never thought this was possible for me." It's possible for you too. 

  • How and Where to Relationship

    • Maybe you've heard the saying, "Show me your five closest friends, and I'll show you your future." It's true. Your relationships will determine your future. At ABSOLUTE, we partner with local Bible-teaching and believing churches. We believe this is the best place for all of us to learn how to develop healthy relationships. We have a system that works to assist you in this process as we partner with "the local church." We'll walk with you every step of the way. 

  • DOC/Legal Assistance

    •  Imagine having someone showing up to court or writing letters to a judge on your behalf. Our team is dedicated to you. That means you have people around you working for you to find the best path to satisfy the courts and meet your obligations. We do this very well. We'll fight for you. Your legal matters are a season of your life right now. The good news is that no season lasts forever. 

  • College Credit

    • We have a partnership with Faith International University. They have accredited our workbook. When you complete ABSOLUTE Ministries, you will receive 45 undergraduate degree credits towards your bachelor's degree at the university. They offer in-person resident and online classes for their undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various fields. Utilizing this gift doubles the effect of your time while you are at ABSOLUTE. Win-Win!

  • Matching Savings Program

    • This is optional for enrolled Members. It is not required but is offered if an individual wants to sign up. Members who sign up pay an additional $100 on each month's tuition payment. When they graduate, ABSOLUTE matches their contributions dollar for dollar. For example, if someone was in ABSOLUTE for eighteen months, upon completion, they receive back their $1,800, and ABSOLUTE then matches it with another $1,800. In this example, they would receive $3,600 upon completion. Where else do you get that kind of boost? Let's go! 




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