We Are Your Next Step

Safe and Stable Housing:

          Come experience a clean, stable, and safe environment. Every member at ABSOLUTE is here because they are dedicated to discovering a new sustainable lifestyle rooted in Jesus. We prioritize your well-being by upholding high standards and valuing every individual. This is our mission – executed with intentionality. We do it well.

Job Placement:

          Gainful employment happens with our comprehensive support. ABSOLUTE Ministries has partnerships with employers who recognize the value of our program. Enroll in ABSOLUTE, and doors open to job opportunities. We walk alongside you throughout your employment journey, offering guidance through every triumph and setback. Find your true abilities, and also find joy in the work you do. At ABSOLUTE, we're committed to helping you thrive in all aspects of life, including your career. If you have specific employment preferences, that's okay, too.


          ABSOLUTE takes care of your transportation needs, ensuring you can reach your destinations. Our fleet of vehicles is owned, fueled, insured, and maintained by ABSOLUTE. You can use our cars if you hold a valid license and maintain good standing. Don't possess a license? Our dedicated staff will provide transportation for your various requirements: attending church, work, recovery meetings, child visits, legal appointments, small-group activities, or grocery shopping. Your transportation is a priority.

Financial/Framework Guidance:

          Managing finances after a lifestyle of addiction is no easy feat. However, with intentional assistance, you'll thrive. It happens here every day. ABSOLUTE is here to support you every step of the way. Prepare to be amazed by the transformative power of coaching and our limited-structure approach. Our proven system lays out a clear path forward, guiding you step by step. Countless individuals we've assisted have shared the same sentiment: "I never thought this was possible for me."

How and Where to Relationship (local church):

          As the saying goes, "Show me your five closest friends, and I'll show you your future." ABSOLUTE Ministries understands the impact of relationships on your life's trajectory. That's why we partner with local Bible-teaching and believing churches, as we know they provide the ideal environment to foster healthy connections that help you develop and thrive. Through our authored mentoring process, we assist you in developing new and solid meaningful relationships while walking alongside you at every step. There is a new life here for you! Everyone is nervous on day 1. Don't let that stop you. Being slightly nervous means you're taking a new step! Good job. Let's go! 

DOC/Legal Assistance:

          Imagine having unwavering support as you navigate legal issues, with someone showing up to court on your behalf or writing persuasive letters to the judge. At ABSOLUTE, our dedicated team is committed to you. We advocate for you, tirelessly seeking the best path to satisfy the courts and meet your obligations. Rest assured, we excel in this area. Remember, your legal matters are a temporary "season" of life. The good news is that no "season" lasts forever, and we're here to help you emerge stronger on the other side.

College Credit:

          Through our partnership with Faith International University (FIU), ABSOLUTE Ministries offers you an exceptional opportunity to further your education. Our workbook is accredited by FIU, allowing you to earn 45 undergraduate degree credits towards your bachelor's degree for completing ABSOLUTE Ministries. Embracing this incredible gift multiplies the impact of your time at ABSOLUTE. It's a win-win byproduct that sets you on a path toward incredible growth. You don't get this amazing impact anywhere else. 

Matching Savings Program:

          Our optional Matching Savings Program is designed to empower enrolled members. It offers a valuable opportunity for those who wish to participate. By contributing an additional $100 to each month's tuition payment, members are eligible for matching funds upon graduation. ABSOLUTE matches their contributions dollar for dollar, magnifying their savings. For example, if you complete an eighteen-month program*, you would receive back your $1,800 in contributions, while ABSOLUTE would match it with an additional $1,800. You would receive $3,600 upon completion—a remarkable boost towards building a brighter future. 

*Each person's program length is different and not determined by time but rather by progress and completion of the workbook, which tracks your growth in different areas of life. This is intentional because everyone is in different circumstances and needs a custom-tailored approach. 

Jesus Focus:
       We discuss the many different facets of responsible life with those in our care. Our desire is to keep Jesus' mindset, informed by the Bible, front and center, which is for your best. 





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