Need an Experienced Guide?  

We know how stressful and burdensome it can be while trying to get things in order for your friend or loved one that is in need of help. We offer a step-by-step process that you can walk through in order to get the help you need. We have the resources necessary in order to get the process started for your loved one. With hands on experience since 2003 in faith based drug and alcohol rehabiliation services, we can help you wherever you are at in the process.

If you are trying to convince an individual that they need help, figuring out how to get them into a detox facility, trying to determine which rehabilitation program is best for them and their situation, or how to keep them clean after completing their rehabilitation program. We can help.

The staff at ABSOLUTE Ministries have come out of addictive lifestyles themselves. We know exactly how your loved one is feeling every step of the way because the members of our team have literally "been in their shoes". We can relate to an individual in a way that someone else may not be able to. This breaks down barriers and allows us to meet them with compassion and understanding. 

We are here to help. Our personal experience gives us the edge. Reasonable rates available for services. 

Services Provided, One or Multiple: 

  • A thorough interview and consult session over the phone for you or your loved one. 
  • A sit-down meeting with you and your loved one to discuss the current situation, your goals, and options going forward.
  • An initial meeting with a written plan for the individual including three scheduled "sit down" follow up meetings.

Contact us to get the process started. 

*Consulting is offered to anyone seeking guidance for their specific situation. This service is separate from the ABSOLUTE Transitional Housing program. Donations made for Consulting services are not tax deductible.